Field Trips

Observation and education through field trips and visits is an integral part of the curriculum at ZoolKids. The little Kids are curious- always. They need the right exposure commensurate with their age and we strive hard to provide the same. Over last one year we conducted following field trips and encourage children to explore, observe and learn.

Visit to a neighborhood fruit and vegetable stall

Vegetables and fruits are integral part of our diet and necessary to our wellbeing. Many children are exposed to these on daily basis. What is not taught to them the variety of vegetable and fruits available in the market as well as the work of vendors/sellers in getting the vegetables to us. This trip was organized to show the variety and impress upon the importance of vegetables/fruits in our diet. A child being averse to eating healthy food, especially greens, is a common complaint from parents. We hope, this visit has created an awareness and interest in the chidren to try all vegetables.

Visit to a Post Office

As part of environmental sciences, the children are taught about the surrounding they live in ; and the community. The post office has been providing instrumental communication over the decades. A visit to the post office helped our pupils to understand the importance and working of the postal services. Children were excited to post letters to their parents.

Visit to a dentist

Very routinely we talk about the doctors and dentists at home. However, a child only gets to see them when they are not well and not in a position to understand or appreciate the meaning and working of a doctor. The purpose of this visit was to get children to explore the clinic and inteact with the dentist in order to get rid of any fear or misconceptions that we might have implanted unknowingly. We must say, the dentist, Ms. Manjushree Shetty, very much at ease with the kids and explained various concepts in simple language.