Programs @ Zool Kids

Pre-School: Play school, LKG and UK

We understand that strong foundation in early education is essential to the future of a child. Our early education programs are designed for the overall development of the child with very high focus on quality through well researched curriculum, experienced teachers backed by strong leadership team, optimal student-teacher ratio, playful and safe environment.

ZoolKids offers a balanced teaching approach – a combination of Montessori and Play Way method. This approach ensures that while creativity is duly encouraged, it is not at the cost of formal education. Pre-school timings are 9:00 to 12:00

Child Care

Zoolkids offers full and partial day care, including Saturday day care and Instant/adhoc daycare for a few hours. We have packages to suit your every need coupled with transportation and meal/snack options. Special attention is given to safety and security of the children in our care.

ZoolKids Day care has serene ambience, secure facility away from traffic congested roads, trained staff, learning toys and books. The childcare is available between 8am to 8pm

Handwriting and Phonics classes

Handwriting and phonics are two basic building blocks that every child should be good at. Without these solid foundations, learning becomes difficult in later years.

The method of teaching English Speakers to read and write that language is called Phonics. It involves teaching how to connect the sounds of spoken English with letters or groups of letters and blending these sounds of letters to produce approximate pronunciation of a unknown words.

Handwriting on the other hand is a style of writing using pen and pencil. Cursive writing is the prominent style. Handwriting broadly deals with shape, size, spacing of letters as well pressure on paper/hand.

Tuitions - up to 10th Standard

At ZoolKids, we aim to transform children through balanced teaching. And this does just apply to pre-school children. Through tuitions, students benefit from the 1:1 attention to get their doubts clarified, concepts understood and learning reinforced through examples and practice. We have highly qualifies and experienced teachers to tutor your child up to 10th standard. We offer focused tuitions for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. For younger students, we offer tuitions for all subjects up to 5th standard.

Academic guidance

As parents you would understand if your child is gifted by his/her abilities to learn faster, understand deeper or learn in a different environment. They need the required guidance to realize their true potential and/or develop new skills. Educated parents can do this job, provided they can spare the required time.

The school/pre-school environment is generally standardized and assumes the same level of talent and similar pace of learning for all. Therefore, it would be beneficial to have an external academic guidance.

At Zoolkids, specific, individual needs of gifted children are addressed through this program. Depending on the child, developmental, differential or proactive approach is implemented by the academic guide.

After School club

This service is for the benefit of parents who reach home late and want someone to look after their kids after the school hours, maybe get the homework done or practice some activity like paiting, play an indoor game or just watch TV. The kids are free to do their chosen activities as well seek help form available teachers/assisting staff. If there are sufficient numbers of kids for an activity like karate or playing TT, we could organize the same for a fee.

We offer group activity Montessori classes for all day care children. We have the most talented and innovative teachers to bring these special classes to our early childhood setting.