Parents Note


Welcome to the Zool Kids family, we try to present steps in helping your child to happily accept his/her first school.

When your child come to Zool Kids they will be for the first time staying away from home . They will have the fear of separation to some extent. It will be a new experience altogether for them with new adults. We here at Zoolkids facilitate adjustments to individual requirements as we have a keen interest in delivering a happy experience to every kid. For this we allow someone from home to come into the school premises and be their till the child is comfortable. This period may stretch from three days to one week depending on each individual. When the parents are in the environment, be calm and relaxed. Don’t interact much with your child or with the other children. Your presence is just to reassure your kid that you are around. Do not push the child to take up an activity and start working. The school timings for this period will be of 1 1/2 hrs for initial week and then increase accordingly towards 3hrs.


While dropping the child, please bring him/her inside the gate and make sure he/she enters safely. Once he/she is settled, it is better to leave him/her at the gate, rather than coming in as he/she will get used to your presence.


We will be organizing regular parents’ teachers’ open house. Parents will be informed for the same two days in advance. If you have doubts in between or if you would like to share something about your child, you can always fix an appointment with the teacher concerned. The school’s telephone number are available in the contact page. Appointments will be given during week from Monday to Friday, after school is over.


We appreciate if parents can simply send one fruit for their snack time during pre-school hours and dry snacks for evening snack time for daycare children. Warm milk will be provided by the school catering unit during evening snack time.

Every preschool and daycare kid should carry an extra set of clothes in their bag everyday. Children who are not totally toilet trained are expected to wear diapers and a pair of the same to be carried in his bag everyday. Since we encourage children to be independent, please send them in comfortable clothes and shoes that they can put and take off themselves. Also, your child should be able to open his /her water bottle easily.

Finally, every child is different and has individual differences, pace, abilities and potential. We appreciate if parents would think about their expectations from their child to be considerably reasonable. Let us all co-operate and work together for our common goal- overall development and growth of budding Zoolites.