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Fruits & Veggies- for health and development

Fruits and vegetables contain the essential nutrients that are important for a child's health, growth and development. A few facts about fruits and vegetables

Kindergarten is too late…Start today!

Kindergarten is too late…Start today!

As a parent we must understand that early years are the most critical learning period, and kindergarten is too late to start the learning needs for your child. I am a mother myself and I know that reading habits are very important and need to be developed early. In my view, parents need to look at means of developing their child’s brain at a very early stage - if possible from 6-12 months itself. In many ways, when given the right direction a child begins to understand different languages and experiences at this very early age.

Parenting Tips from Zool Kids

Parenting Tips From ZoolKids

Dear Parents,

The ZoolKids team would like to share our experiences and views on parenting. If you have a comment, question or suggestion on parenting , please feel free to contact us at +91 97311 33116 or email at .

Feeding your picky toddler – Part I

Missing Zool Kids Banners

We put up posters and banners in and around the school lanes to help people find out about our offerings and find directions to Zool Kids. Shockingly over the last few days all of our posters, direction board have systematically been removed and disposed off. Posters of others are still intact which were placed right next to us.

Should we look at this as an intentional sabotage, does anyone in the area look at us a threat? Whats going on? Our posters are to highlight the presence of our school in the area and to let parents know that they have an option.

Zool Kids Website Launched

We have been working hard to get the Zool Kids site up and running before our May 1st deadline.

The Zool Kids website promises to provide tons of useful information related to the activities at Zool Kids Campus and updates for programs and resources for parents. When we started designing the Zool Kids website

We take this opportunity to thank all our friends and fans on facebook and those who follow us on twitter for their continued support.