Teaching Approach

We consider pre-education as in important first step in the journey ahead. To prepare a child for this journey, we have

  • Outcome based teaching
  • A right mix of structured and free activities
  • Intellectually stimulating environment
  • Best in class teachers and learning resources

    At ZOOL Kids, the activities are designed keeping in mind the need for solid foundation at an early age. The activities and curriculum have specific focus on

  • Nurturing character, life values and personality
  • All round activities to develop creative, critical and logical thinking
  • Developing positive self esteem
  • Creating awareness about the nature and its importance.
  • Understanding freedom and the responsibilities that go with it.

    Teaching methodology @ Zool Kids

    We implement balanced teaching methodology. It is a combination of the Montessori and play way method which allows for learning through sensorial and creative activities, keeping in mind the learning style, pace and development.

    The pre-primary section involves learning through various integrated play way methods, art and craft activities and group activities that involve free expression of emotions and thoughts. The teaching-learning experiences are enhanced with the friendly and approachable attitude of our faculty members for every child in person.